Swimsuit Issue, is a New York based band consisting of Miles Garber and David Gagliardi, formed in early 2011. Garber was raised amidst his family’s coveted punk rock 7” collection, and Gagliardi amidst the acoustic folk atmosphere of his uncle who was a sideman for Pete Seeger.
In 2014, the duo took a road trip that would shape the future of the band. Their route took them from Los Angeles to Joshua Tree, Joshua Tree to New Orleans, New Orleans to New York with countless stops along the way. They found their inspiration in the ever changing American landscapes, small towns, and endless dive bars. They decided this would be their palette, going on to compose a unique sound paying homage to their upbringings. Creating pastel colored melodies that pull you up and down the Eastern Seaboard and all the way to the West Coast. Garber’s infatuating vocals glide over Gagliardi’s gentle guitar resulting in earnest, authentic, timeless pop. The band is set to release their 3 song EP, curiously titled “EP 1” in late 2015.
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