World renowned songwriter, producer and guitarist, Jens Gad, is best known for his 10 year involvement with Enigma, the experimental/new age musical project of celebrated Producer Michael Cretu.

World renowned songwriter, producer and guitarist, Jens Gad, is best known for his 10 year involvement with Enigma, the experimental/new age musical project of celebrated Producer Michael Cretu.

As a hugely talented guitarist and songwriter/producer, Gad has 14 Gold/Platium awards to his name, has released over 120 songs and has sold over 16 million albums worldwide (Enigma, Achillia, Andru Donalds, The Veronicas, just to name a few). Gad has collaborated on a number of successful projects over the years and has worked with international talents such as Milli Vanilli, Armand Volker and Andru Donalds, Sandra and The Veronicas.

Gad is currently working on future projects and collaborations out of his studios/offices in New York City and Ibiza. For more, visit

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Songs Performed by Artist

Song Album Artist Year
A Maria SantissimaAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
Achillea- ExodusThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Amadas EstrellasAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
Amore - Part 1Amadas EstrellasAchillea2007
Amore - Part 2Amadas EstrellasAchillea2007
AtacameAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
AureoleSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Being MyselfSinai Rose LOLSinai Rose2009
BlueshiftSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Boring BeautifulYou vs MeRochelle2012
Cape BlancSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Cape PorcupineThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Closing My EyesSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
Copy & PasteBOA 6BOA2010
CuriousSkin DeepNatasha Thomas2006
Dear God... If You ExistThe Art of LoveSandra2007
DesnudameAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
Echo of My HeartBack to LifeSandra2009
El Alma HeridaAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
El MomentoSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Glass PalaceSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
In the Recent PastSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
King of ThievesFind MeChristina Grimmie2011
Land of the ElvesThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Les Faux VertsSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
LifesignSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
LOLSinai Rose LOLSinai Rose2009
NavajoSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Northern HorizonSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
Odin's HillThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Once Upon A TimeThe Art of LoveSandra2007
Poloar LightsSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
PrologoAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
Punta del EsteSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
Shadow of PowerThe Art of LoveSandra2007
Shears from ScarThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Silence Beside MeThe Art of LoveSandra2007
Silent HeroesSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
Silver SandsSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Slowly Walking InSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
Staraja LadogaThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
Tete A TeteBack to LifeSandra2009
The 5th ColumnSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
The Art of LoveThe Art of LoveSandra2007
The Delta of the Red RiverSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2005
The Miracle of IllusionSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
The Monks of LindisfarneThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
The Orbiting SunsSpa SoniqueJens Gad2006
The Seeress ProphecyThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005
The Way I AmThe Art of LoveSandra2007
VivirAmadas EstrellasAchillea2007
What D'ya Think of MeThe Art of LoveSandra2007
What is it About MeThe Art of LoveSandra2007
What's Left to SayThe Art of LoveSandra2007
Infinite Kiss (Alternate Version)Stay In TouchSandra2012
Stay In TouchStay In TouchSandra2012
Russian EyesStay In TouchSandra2012
Angels In My HeadUntitled
Angels In My HeadStay In TouchSandra2012
Between Me and the MoonStay In TouchSandra2012
Heart of WaxStay In TouchSandra2012
Kings & QueensStay In TouchSandra2012
Love Starts With A SmileStay In TouchSandra2012
Maybe TonightStay In TouchSandra2012
Moscow NightsStay In TouchSandra2012
SandheartStay In TouchSandra2012
Introduction (BSC/Prudence)Spa SoniqueJens Gad2006
Opening My EyesSecret of SeductionEnigmatic Obsession2006
The Nine WorldsThe Nine WorldsAchillea2005